Christmas Accelerated Reader Questions

Christmas Accelerated Reader Questions for Reading Exercise.

Since children like problem solving, Christmas Accelerated Reader Questions offer a perfect holiday reading exercise. The fun content in Goopy Ghost holiday books help children slip some meaningful reading into their break from school. Fun reading passages in the Goopy Ghost books and Christmas Accelerated Reader Questions make children want to read. This extra reading will help them stay ahead of their class during the holidays. Use accelerated reader questions as a fun holiday reading exercise. These fun reading passages and quizzes quietly help the children in your life develop reading and comprehension skills. The whole time they'll feel like they're playing reading games. Goopy turns everyday living and learning into a fun holiday haunt.

The Goopy Ghost at Christmas

In the The Goopy Ghost at Christmas, a child and her mother, whose house is being haunted, want to keep the bright “spirit” of the season. When Goopy makes its way to a new haunt in the back of Santa's sleigh, it is all about wishes for a very merry Christmas. The book and these Christmas Accelerated Reader Questions will capture the imaginations of young ones as they share in the spreading of goo-goo-good will. Enjoy these Christmas Accelerated Reader Questions with fun reading passages from the book as a holiday reading exercise with the children in your lives.

1. This must have been Goopy's first Christmas, because:

A barking dog scared the ghost.
The decorations seemed new to the ghost.
There was a tree outside.
The cookies and candy were good.
Everyone else was sleeping.

2. Goopy should not have eaten Santa's cookies, because:

They should only be eaten with milk.
Santa got mad.
Christmas is a time for sharing.
The dog wanted them.
Lilly baked them.

3. Goopy slipped into Santa's sack while:

Santa was emptying it.
Santa was resting after finishing his work.
Santa was going up the chimney.
Santa was coming down the chimney.
Before Santa drank the milk.

4. Lilly wrote to Santa Claus, because:

She wondered where the ghost had gone.
She wanted the ghost to visit, again.
She was mad at the ghost.
She wanted the ghost to give the cookies back.
Her mother wanted to thank the ghost.

5. Goopy proves that:

Anyone can learn to be helpful.
Goopy goop is welcome everywhere.
Ghosts never scare anyone.
Sleigh rides are always fun.
Trees grow inside houses.

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