Halloween Accelerated Reader Questions

Halloween Accelerated Reader Questions help measure reading progress.

Children like to prove their excellence at problem solving. They also like to receive rewards for the right answers. The Goopy Ghost also believes in trick-or-treat. So, these Halloween Accelerated Reader Questions teach children the right answers. Adults can help measure reading progress in the children in their lives and reward language development. Fun content with meaning makes Goopy Ghost books a holiday treat. Children enjoy reading fun passages and getting rewarded for knowing the right answers. Use these Accelerated Reader Questions for Halloween with the book to measure reading progress in your early readers. Develop reading and comprehension skills for the children in your life with these brief quizzes that seem more like online reading games.

The Goopy Ghost of Halloween

“The Goopy Ghost of Halloween” spookily goes where no Halloween tale has ever gone, by telling what happens to the gooey innards of a pumpkin after a set of siblings help their father carve it. The book and these Halloween Accelerated Reader Questions for will shed a whole new light on the plight of your pumpkin. This exercise helps children think wildly imaginative and slightly spooky, for big fun on Halloween. Enjoy these Halloween Accelerated Reader Questions for the book as reading help and holiday reading games with the children in your lives.

1. Goopy came from:

The inside of the pumpkin.
The trick or treat bag.
The candy wrappers.
The burning candle.
The garbage can.

2. Goopy hid behind the sofa, because:

The night was frightening.
The children were frightening.
The pumpkin was frightening.
The whole home was frightening.
The treat bag was frightening.

3. Goopy went into the kitchen, because:

The pumpkin scared him.
The candle burned out.
The sofa was not a good place to hide.
His hand was burning.
Something smelled good in there.

4. Goopy went into the trick or treat bag, because:

It did not have candy in it.
It looked like his pumpkin home.
It was not on fire.
It smelled good.
The children did not want him in there.

5. Goopy proves that:

All candy should be eaten.
Carved pumpkins are never scary.
Halloween makes ghosts sleepy.
Candles should not be left burning.
All ghosts are scary.

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