Valentine Comprehension
Accelerated Reader Questions for Children

Problem solving helps children build comprehension skills. Goopy Ghost books and these Valentine Comprehension Accelerated Reader Questions for Children offer content with a blend of fantasy and reality. This combination encourages young readers to develop and display reading excellence. Children enjoy proving their ability to skillfully work their way to all of the right answers. Along the way, they are sure to master important language goals.

This time of chocolate, flowers and cards with red hearts is a good time to splurge on reading. Children can use these educational materials to develop comprehension skills that will guide their future relationships and learning abilities. Fun accelerated quizzes turn mythical acts of friendship into interesting reading lessons. All the while, children are also developing reading, comprehension and computer operating skills. Goopy sets a positive tone to encourage participation. This ghost appeals to readers with different learning styles.

Use these accelerated reader questions for children to show the true meaning of Valentine comprehension. A reading of the The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day book is all about friendship and friendly new spirits. The first reading will not be the last. It will lead to more practice with this book. Children also are sure to want the rest of the series. Practice leads children to reading excellence. The holiday of friendship and love is a perfect occasion to develop early reading skills. Developing comprehension skills is key to friendship, too.

Goopy makes everyday living and learning much sweeter with his books and brief accelerated reader comprehension tests. To challenge children to beat their own record, there is a scoring and answer key at the end of each quiz. There are only five questions, but they are fun to answer. After filling in the multiple-choice form, hit “Get Score”. The correct answers and percentage grade arrive immediately. Hitting “Reset Quiz” lets children test their skills, again. The correct answers and the scoring results are provided, each time.

The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day

“The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day” book, proves ghouls rule and no holiday is complete without a wee and gooey ghost to liven things up with new friends. Cupid helps the Goopy Ghost track down a kindred spirit with a good soul. Children will learn fun ideas about making friends from this book. They will build comprehension skills with readings of the book. The use of these Valentine Comprehension Accelerated Reader Questions for Children is good practice for online test-taking skills in school.

Adults can reward reading excellence and make reading more hands-on by leaving selection of the next Goopy Ghost title to the inspired children in their lives. To maintain interest, Goopy's activities are split between print and online media. With the engaging split between online and print activities, learning takes on the spirit of fun reading games. There is a lot of intrigue and educational material on this website. Watching the Goopy Ghost reading videos exposes children to another action-packed way to language development.

“The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day” and Goopy's accelerated reader questions for children offer a constructive, yet spirited way to develop Valentine comprehension. Comprehension means understanding. It is important for children to understand the meaning of Valentine's Day, while celebrating their friendships. As with building new understandings, making friends can take some doing. However, Goopy proves both efforts are worthwhile.

After the Goopy Ghost steps into children's festivities for Valentine's Day, there is a world of new ideas to help children think creatively and grow with friendship. Adults can subtly monitor reading progress as this ghostly friend helps children build comprehension skills. The questions and answers are so much fun, adults will want to read the book and be in the know, too.

1. Goopy was lonely, because:

The party had ended.
No friends or family were around.
The cantaloupe was ruined.
Everyone was sleeping.
The horse ran away.

2. Cupid showed Goopy that:

A party is fine without friends.
Mars does not get angry.
Friends are not easy to make.
Fruits and vegetables are good party foods.
Horses make good friends.

3. Mushy caused problems by:

Riding away on the horse.
Popping out of a cantaloupe.
Knowing too much about having fun.
Twisting and twirling.
Eating too much candy.

4. At the end of the party:

Cupid stayed and stayed.
Mushy left in a hurry.
Goopy left in a hurry.
Goopy wanted to ride the horse.
Goopy wanted more friends.

5. Goopy proves that:

Anyone can ride a horse.
Pumpkins can be found all year.
Friends come from cantaloupes.
Friends and family matter the most.
Ghosts do not need friends.

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