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Halloween Accelerated Reader Questions

Children like to prove their skills at problem solving. They benefit from the boost in pride. They deserve praise and rewards for the right answers. Goopy brings trick-or-treat fun to learning. Children develop self-esteem and gain momentum with each achievement. Since his Halloween Accelerated Reader Questions are tricky, they challenge kids to progress.

At the end of the brief quiz, children are treated with a score and answer key. Self motivation arises from discipline, organization and determination to learn the correct answers. Adults can monitor the accuracy of reading comprehension. A team approach is an important tool for success. The subject matter invites parents to interact with their children.

After reading the book, turn to the digital test. “Get Score” provides the answers and a scoring percentage. Hitting “Reset Quiz” allows beginning readers to repeat the exercise. Success motivates children to press forward with language development. They take initiative to conquer this meaningful content without prodding or supervision.

Children enjoy the spirited passages. The game-like questions surreptitiously introduce children to reading for comprehension. These action-packed reading quizzes promote online study. Nobody has to wear a Halloween costume to cultivate a culture of learning. Like pumpkins, the seeds of knowledge germinate, blossom and take shape long before the Halloween gathering.

Make Learning Fun
The Goopy Ghost of Halloween

“The Goopy Ghost of Halloween” hauntingly goes where no Halloween tale has gone. It extends the pumpkin season from growing to harvest and final use. The story tells what happens to the gooey innards of a pumpkin after siblings help their father carve it. The children's story sheds new light on the plight of a pumpkin and its ghost.

After the Goopy Ghost steps into children's lives, they are sure to want the full collection. Ongoing readings about this unusual ghost will have kids thinking in wildly imaginative new ways. The adults in their lives can measure reading progress with the book and multiple-choice tests. Graduates are conditioned for continuing self-enrichment in Goopy's online haunts.

Goopy's Halloween text, video and accelerated reader questions are slightly spooky. Together, they add up to big fun. Children won't want to wait for Halloween to come around. They'll use these eerily educational tools throughout the year. There are no boring lines or hoops to jump through in the completion of these friendly quizzes.

Goopy Ghost resources make learning fun. Let Goopy Ghost scare up reading help, conjure up holiday reading games and make learning pleasurable. No child will say “Boo” to catching the power of this spirit. Reward children's brilliance and appropriate behaviors. Let them choose the next Goopy Ghost title to stretch limits.

1. Goopy came from:

The inside of the pumpkin.
The trick or treat bag.
The candy wrappers.
The burning candle.
The garbage can.

2. Goopy hid behind the sofa, because:

The night was frightening.
The children were frightening.
The pumpkin was frightening.
The whole home was frightening.
The treat bag was frightening.

3. Goopy went into the kitchen, because:

The pumpkin scared him.
The candle burned out.
The sofa was not a good place to hide.
His hand was burning.
Something smelled good in there.

4. Goopy went into the trick or treat bag, because:

It did not have candy in it.
It looked like his pumpkin home.
It was not on fire.
It smelled good.
The children did not want him in there.

5. Goopy proves that:

All candy should be eaten.
Carved pumpkins are never scary.
Halloween makes ghosts sleepy.
Candles should not be left burning.
All ghosts are scary.

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