The Goopy Ghost at Thanksgiving does not just have ghostly ideas, he helps out as displayed at 40% of viewport width.
Birthday 2022 by Terry Verduin


Your party should be special.
It can’t be the same old thing.
To honor your special day,
We want to play, dance and sing!
(“The Goopy Ghost on Your Birthday”)

No matter where you are, however close or far, the Goopy Ghost helps everyone celebrate away on your special day.

Who wants simple summaries? Spoilers won't lessen the experience of goop-filled fun. Follow these spirited antics from beginning to end. Why give away the twists and turns of this birthday plan?

Nobody should miss Goopy's quick appearances and disappearances. Things also come and go with him. These can be caught on the next fast-paced reading and learning adventure with him.

Ghosts work for free. They focus on one real thing or special individual. Today the focus is on your birthday celebration. Goopy works for the greater good of his friends. Everyone shares in this story.

This book goes to press in 2023. With public support, Little Ray Children's Books Inc. plans to distribute this book for children who are away from home in hospitals, group homes and other facilities.