The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day
July 2018 by V. R. Duin


The message passed to Mercury,
Whose winged helmet and feet
Carried him far beyond the stars,
A messenger most elite!
(“The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day”)

Turn funny campfire stories into scary ghost stories and silly ghost stories to tell at a campfire or during a season of campfire ghost stories for kids and adults.

Fear heightens closeness. Campfire ghost stories for adults and children strengthen bonding and awareness of smoke, sparks, bugs and strange sounds in darkness. The campfire season belongs to ghosts.

A scary ghost story gets folks snuggling for safety. Bonfires and costumes from Celtic traditions may have kindled the spirit of Halloween. Listeners cry in terror or scream hysterically with the art of the scream.

Stories glow through darkness in a remote, wild place. Weak canvas tents and open fire are captivating backgrounds. Creeping, crawling and poking touches from spirits are not limited to Fall or Halloween.

Stories to tell at a campfire are free. No costumes, music or specialty decorations are required. From haze and ashes, storytellers pull disguised ghosts. Ghosts need no invitation to join in free-for-all fun.

Funny campfire stories get everyone asking for “some more”. This nighttime outdoor treat got its name by popular request. Ingredients are simple for campgrounds or backyards. Here is a S'mores Recipe.

Marshmallows take on interesting shapes. They melt chocolate into sticky messes on graham crackers and clothes. Some parents are disturbed by the sugar rush. Kids may find low-sugar versions icky and bland.

Stories are unlikely to get complaints at campfire gatherings. Adults get to relive childhoods. Kids get exposure to feel-good camping escapes. Campfire ghost stories for kids and adults are easy and fun to plan.

Campfire ghost stories for kids and adults are ageless. Storytelling offers an opportunity for an adrenaline rush, without the risks and challenges of physical danger. Words are delivered without physical contact.

Fun fright nights can be created around a circus of themes. The limits of grossness, fright and horror need not be reached. Stories can work for listeners of all ages. A fantastical story may frighten just a little.

Scary ghost stories may awaken a healthy “fight or flight” reflex. They raise awareness and prepare defenses. The protective skills evolving from campfire ghost stories might be needed at some future time.

Silly ghost stories boost creativity. Good, creepy fun can be guided by parental discretion. Stories tame the wildest of imaginations. Before the lights go out, silly stories calm the tone of scares. Humor adds enchantment.

Campfire stories have been handed down through the ages. They preserve tradition and spark imaginations. Tales of haunted places and ghostly appearances can be made spooky for scream-seekers or funny for children.

Add life to parties with fun ideas from the Goopy Ghost. Shed goop in creative, new places. Mold twists of his fascinating productions to the weather, time of year and people present. Everyone will want a part.

Parental caution, guidance and accompaniment are not required. The Motion Picture Association of American Film Rating System would not rate wildly imaginative, goopy fun as PG-13 or R.

Move over Casper the Friendly Ghost and The Great Pumpkin. Nothing commercial or rowdy comes with Goopy's birth from goop to ghost. Pumpkin growing and harvest extend wild escapes with this seed-filled ghost.

Ghost stories come naturally. A little ghost should have a big heart. Throw in rhyming verse. “The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day” is entirely in limerick verse.

Campfire celebrations keep the embers alive. In the still of the darkest of nights, a ghost can be ghoulish and greedy. Stories can be filled with humor and whimsy or ghoul and fright. They can have soft messages.

Dressing for the occasion adds confidence. Storytellers can wear warm,fuzzy clothing or get down to the basics. Camping is free of manias or trends. Goopy's quick-change ideas suit forests, mountains, deserts, jungles or beaches.

Funny ghost stories can be hilarious! Imagine Goopy scaring off a predator. Have his ghostly form change into a wild animal. Animals of his flaming orange color include baboons, tigers, crabs, fish and gila monsters.

Add nature-inspired facts to campfire storytelling. If ghost becomes an animal spirit, can he further change? An octopus can turn orange and change texture. The options are fabulous for stories to tell at a campfire!

Storytellers may come up with Halloween costume ideas. Create buzz and magic for this celebration some folks love to hate. Storytelling fills in the space between scares, parties and parades around the neighborhood.

Stories at a Campfire

  • campfire ghost stories for kids and adults Goopy says:

    Make up funny, scary, silly campfire ghost stories for kids and adults with appropriate spirits for the character, mood and location of the gathering.

  • >Scary stories to tell at a campfire Goopy says:

    Add an animal, a moral or a touch of humor to the ghoul and fright to create funny campfire ghost stories for children.

    • storytelling around the campfireGoopy says:

      Add new twists to storytelling around the campfire as the plots progress person-to-person.