The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day
July 2018 by V. R. Duin


The message passed to Mercury,
Whose winged helmet and feet
Carried him far beyond the stars,
A messenger most elite!
(“The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day”)

Fuel storytelling around the campfire with scary or funny campfire ghost stories for children. The Goopy Ghost offers ideas to create new stories, embellish existing stories, or add new twists to stories told person-to-person around the campfire.

An evening gathering of friends calls for scary or funny campfire ghost stories for children and adults. Fear may heighten closeness, because it strengthens an urge for protective bonding. As night descends, the smoke, sparks and unfamiliar sounds awaken awareness. Themes of haunted places and ghostly apparitions can be made spooky for scream-seekers, or funny for children. Storytelling around the campfire pulls people together. Bonfires and costumes formed part of Celtic traditions that may have kindled the spirit of Halloween. The art of the scream and good, creepy fun can be guided by parental discretion. When entire families are present, telling scary or funny ghost stories with children around the campfire can tame the wildest of youthful imaginations. A scary story should get everyone snuggling for safety from ghosts, goblins, monsters, zombies and otherworldly beings.

Hints of fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers and spiders may heighten awareness of the looming darkness. Could these creeping, crawling and poking sensations be touches from spirits drawn toward the campfire? Whether the goal is to leave listeners crying in terror, screaming hysterically, or laughing uncontrollably, the campfire season belongs to ghosts. Costumes, music or specialty decorator services are not required for scary or funny campfire ghost stories for children and adults. Storytelling around the campfire is free of charge. The simple, white haze rising from the campfire can be interpreted as something other than smoke. From those ashes, storytellers can make believe ghosts are arising. Perhaps, ghosts are present in smoky disguise. Ghosts should not need an invitation or have to buy a ticket to join in the free-for-all fun. Ghosts may come forward in the dead of any night to scare up spooky storytelling around the campfire. Haunting ghost stories should not be limited to fall or Halloween boos and events. Ghosts can scare up storied growth and achievement throughout the year.

Scary or funny campfire ghost stories for children and adults around the campfire should come with s'mores and a cup of hot chocolate. The ingredients can be easily carried to a campground or pulled together in a backyard setting. Here is a S'mores Recipe for any campsite. These treats are popular in the United States and Canada. Paired with ghost stories, everyone should be asking for “some more”. By popular request, this traditional nighttime campfire treat got its name. Marshmallows morph into interesting shapes, melting chocolate bars into a sticky mess on graham crackers and shirts. Organic and non-GMO, or not, some parents may be disturbed by the sugar rush of too many sweets. In turn, kids may find low-sugar versions of longtime favorites to be icky and bland. Scary or funny campfire ghost stories for children and adults are unlikely to gather any such complaints from the parents or children at small, close gatherings with storytelling around the campfire.

Unexpected ghosts may slip between people to heat up conversation and fuel storytelling around the campfire. Fire-roasted marshmallows sandwiched between graham crackers and chocolate not only melt the chocolate. These treats warm the hearts of adults and children gathering for the occasion. Adults get a chance relive their childhoods, while kids gain exposure to feel-good campfire escapes. Goopy Ghost themes call for healthy, sugar-free natural foods, too. The planning is simple and the cost is low. S'mores may set the stage for ghosts. The warmth of s'mores toasting over the campfire pit is likely to stir up the imaginations of campfire storytellers of all ages. It's not just kids who are eating the feel-good treats and reacting to the beckoning stories. Scary or funny campfire ghost stories for children and adults seem timeless and uncomplicated. Storytelling around the campfire offers an opportunity to experience an adrenaline rush, without the risks and challenges of physical danger. Words are delivered without physical contact. The story can be softened with silly humor. The limits of grossness, fright and horror need not be reached.

Scary or funny campfire ghost stories for children should provide a glowing escape for listeners of all ages. Stories draw attention away from the uncomfortable darkness of a remote and wild place. Storytelling around the campfire distracts attention from the feeble and unprotected nature of a canvas tent. An open fire pit sets a captivating background for irresistible animal and human spirits. Fun fright nights can be created around a circus of themes. In this storied space, the real worries of venomous bugs, snakes or lizards and intrusions of bears, coyotes, panthers and wolves should vanish. A fantastical story may frighten just a little. Humor should add to the enchantment. Whether scary or funny, campfire ghost stories should appeal to children and adults. Ghostly tales may awaken a healthy “fight or flight” reflex, boosting awareness and readying protective defenses for the evening or overnight gathering. These stories are sure to enhance creativity. The defensive skills evolving from campfire ghost stories might be needed at some future time.

The weather, the time of year and the people present can affect the mood of these campfire stories. A campfire offers a place and a time to pull out warm and fuzzy clothing, or to get down to the real essentials. Dressing for the occasion may help build storytelling confidence. Casual outdoor campfire attire should be free of concerns for the manias of fashionable adornments and faddish trends. Telling ghost stories is a tradition handed down through the ages. Why not spark the imaginations of future generations with some ghostly fun story ideas from the Goopy Ghost's collection of books, reading videos and website articles? The fascinating allure of this ghost is sure to add life to storytelling around the campfire. Shed some goop in creative, new places. Attract friends by stirring up a new brand of scary or funny campfire ghost stories for children and adults. Whether the stage is set to be scary for adults or funny for children, everyone is sure to participate.

The Goopy Ghost offers funny campfire ghost stories and reading videos for children. The Motion Picture Association of American Film Rating System would not rate these productions as PG-13 or R. Parental caution, guidance and accompaniment are not required for the cheerful, storytelling spirit of this fun-loving ghost. These unique productions about the gooiest of ghosts also fascinate adults. Why didn't anyone think of this before? Goopy's amazing transition from goop to ghost adds great fun to the pumpkin growing and harvest season. Children and adults seem to love this goopy, droopy, orange ghost from the seed-filled, inside pumpkin goop. Move over Casper the Friendly Ghost and The Great Pumpkin. Bring on wildly imaginative and slightly spooky fun for little ones on a wild escape from the routine. Nothing commercial, rowdy or complicated comes with organizing scary or funny campfire ghost stories for children. Storytelling around the campfire comes naturally.

In the still of the darkest of nights, a ghost should be ghoulish and greedy. A ghost story told around the campfire does not need to have a moral. However, Goopy's stories generally have at least one very subtle, yet meaningful message. Campfire ghost stories for children should be as filled with humor and whimsy as they are with ghoul and fright. A gooey little ghost should come with an especially big heart. Why not throw in a bit of rhyming verse? Scary and funny ghost story ideas and rollicking rhyme grace Goopy's books, videos, social media posts and tweets. Storytelling around the campfire can be presented in limerick verse. “The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day” is an entire book written in this lively style. Ideas for scary or funny campfire ghost stories for children can be pulled from each of Goopy's treasured tales, reading videos and from the articles throughout this website.

Campfire ghost stories for children can be downright funny! Imagine what the Goopy Ghost would do if he needed to scare off a wild predator. What would happen if this droopy, goopy, ghostly orange form suddenly transformed into a wild animal? Gummy animal forms might take on an alternative life in reaction to natural colorings and flavorings, like beet, pumpkin or carrot juice and turmeric. Animals of Goopy's flaming orange color include baboons, tigers, crabs, fish and gila monsters. What animal should Goopy become? Once this ghost becomes an animal spirit, can he further change? In less than a second, a nature-inspired, goopy octopus can turn orange and change texture for storytelling around the campfire. OOO-OOO-OOO! The options are fabulous! As storytellers scare up a spirit of scary or funny campfire ghost stories for children, they also might come up with original ideas for Halloween costumes. Why not create some buzz and magic for this celebration that some folks love to hate? Enthusiasm for Halloween should not be displaced by health and safety concerns. If candy makers and marketers can take a feel-good turn with their products, so can celebrants.

Alternative means of celebration should have everyone sneaking a peek and touting not-so-spooky pumpkin fun. The campfire season is not a time for self-denial. The Goopy Ghost can change form to suit any forest, mountain, desert, jungle or beach setting. This gooey, orange ghost is sure to brighten scary or funny campfire ghost stories for children and for adults. “The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day” is full of quick-change ideas. The spirit of storytelling around the campfire should keep the embers alive. Feed the imaginations of children and adults. Fun ideas for campfire ghost stories abound on this website. Scare up some ghost story fun around your next campfire. Ghost stories are beneficial for minds and spirits. Storytelling experiences fill in the space between Halloween scares, parties and parades around the neighborhood. Come Halloween, carving a pumpkin may enhance the spirit and excitement of the campfire experience. The Goopy Ghost could arrive to reclaim the pumpkin shell.

Storytelling Around the Campfire

  • campfire ghost stories for children Goopy says:

    Make up scary and funny campfire ghost stories for children and adults with appropriate spirits for the character, mood and location of the gathering.

  • Ideas from Goopy Ghost Goopy says:

    Add an animal, a moral or a touch of humor to the ghoul and fright to create funny campfire ghost stories for children.

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      Add new twists to storytelling around the campfire as the plots progress person-to-person.