Elves bust Goopy at Christmas when he arrives at the North Pole stowed away in Santa's sack, displayed at 40% of viewport width.
Christmas 2021 by Terry Verduin


The orange ghost was friendly
and smiled at Santa's elf,
but the elf was very scared
and ran to save himself.
(The Goopy Ghost at Christmas)

Revive Victorian ghost story Christmas traditions and bust good ghosts with ghostly pumpkin goo in Goopy Ghost traveling fun.

The Plot Thickens

Fresh from the discarded pumpkin pie goop, the Goopy Ghost is showing the “spirit” of the season by tasting the yummy cookies and candy canes and by helping to redecorate the home. Lilly, the little girl whose house is being haunted, wants the ghost to stay, but the Goopy Ghost takes a sneak peek in Santa's bag and stows away with The Man in Red. With Santa's sleigh bound for the North Pole, the elves will get a chance to spend a little time with Goopy Ghost in the spreading of goo-goo-good will.

Goop for Christmas

Catchy verse? This ghost sheds pumpkin goop wherever it goes, 'cause that's what he's made of — from its head to its toes. The orange slime left behind is a telltale sign of a Goopy visit. Celebrate it.

Top Flight? Children invent unusual uses for pumpkin goop. Goopy's natural essence is safe. Nothing bad accompanies his visits. He teaches disciplined awareness for chores, teamwork and keeping on task.

Cleaning Up? Forget special sanitation. Goop of the vine is as utilitarian as ghostbusters' goop. Why clear rooms of this toy-like substance? Goopy goo is full of vintage vibes. Put it to good use.

Sound Sensation

Takeaway? There are songs about the man in the moon and Goopy. Nothing is toxic, hallucinogenic or spine chilling about these tunes. People are uplifted when singing about fantasies.

Loud and Proud? Proof may stream through the night. Ghostly vibrations in air or water may reach a listener's ear. From hip-hop to rock, talent goes viral. Generations are thrilled with fun chords.

What Music is Playing? If the tune is Goopy Ghost at Christmas by talented singer and songwriter Carlos Wilde, it deserves rapid replay. Expect “OOO-OOO-OOO” ear-worm chants from Goopy fans.


(Chorus:) “This ghost sheds pumpkin goop
wherever it goes,
'cause that's what it's made of
from its head to its toes.

Santa emptied out his sack
and spread the nice, new toys
all around the Christmas tree,
such lucky girls and boys!
A brief break from work,
and Santa gathered up his sack
and up the chimney he went,
the goopy ghost on his back!
The subject quickly changed
for there was much work to do.
The elves assigned the good ghost
to a Christmas toy work crew.
But Goopy's goo peeled off
and made a mess on toys.
They would have to be replaced
for gifting to girls and boys.
(Chorus:) If the bright orange ghost
returns in Santa's sack,
would you let it stay
or would you send it back?
Goopy Ghost at Christmas

Ear-Worm Sound

Icebreaker sounds? This ghost touches all of us with his “OOO” jingle. His scream-crying sounds give people, pets and ghosts clear Goopy wishes for everyday fun. Try it for yourself.

Fresh Takes? Practice improves performance. Extremes with Goopy's “OOO” chants could sweep the sound charts! Ghost sounds are not a craze. They make excellent use of time, effort and energy.

Musty? Unlike creepy decorations of good times long past, sounds cannot be thrown away. Dim lights go out. Eeriness awakens dark silence. Goopy invites folks to belt out all of his favorite ghost sounds.

“OOO” Jingle

The Goopy Ghost of Halloween,
And every day in between!
Playing with Goop is so much fun!
Would you send him away?
Would you let him stay?
What would your mother say?
The Goopy Ghost of Halloween,
And every day in between,

Bust Good Ghosts

Anything Goes? In The Goopy Ghost at Christmas, a child wants to keep the orange “spirit”. Due to his decorator designs for the season, Goopy will have some explaining to do. Santa will be present to help.

Basic Instinct? Children bust ghosts with greater ease than adults. Children use whimsy in their fanciful, inventive lives. Adults caught up in routine drudgery may need nudges from the kids in their lives.

Wide Angle? Ghost busting is more exciting when everyone participates. Enchanting sprites carry messages of unity. Nobody should be left behind. Collaborative experiences build confidence for participants.

Ghostly Pumpkin Goop

In Full Bloom? Everyone can sing the praises of pumpkin-goo delights. Singing Goopy's “OOO” Jingle also may help to Save Halloween. From his first “Boo!”, Goopy offers unforgettable possibilities.

Luminaries? Ghosts capture imaginations. Kids enjoy making up tales of fantasy about the pumpkin essence. Goopy is an animating, festive, sportive, resourceful and wildly fun pumpkin ghost.

Grass Roots? Ghostbusters feel no danger with goopy entertainment. There is no black magic, voodoo, hoodoo or sorcery. This fun-loving spirit is from utopia, not the occult. He projects positive spirit.

Healthy Fare

Hot Property? Pumpkins harbor seeds of growth and wonder. Kids cultivate valuable theories from seed-filled pulp. Science may prove antiquated with their discoveries. Goop is fun, too.

Dream Life? Setting out treats, then pretending to fall asleep may attract Goopy. He sticks with comfortable haunts. His unexplained mysteries and hijinks give rise to miraculous hope.

Puzzle? With cookies of his own, would Goopy leave Santa's alone? Setting out cookies in Santa shape with some in Goopy form is a test. Goop splatters on Santa's side call for separate plates.

Traveling Fun

Organic Matter? People are drawn to the ghostly world. Similarly, life beckons Goopy to continue his roam to find a pumpkin home that isn't squashed, carved, baked or on fire.

Road Warriors? Enlightened by his trip to the North Pole, Goopy has other voyages planned for fans. Much can be learned by exploring unfamiliar lifestyles, opportunities and places.

Golden Hour? It helps to start early in quests for satisfying life missions. With each successful adventure, explorers build stronger foundations. Strength comes with new awareness and knowledge.

Victorian Ghost Story

Are Ghosts Like Santa Claus? They may come when no one is watching. Every day would be a hoot with these household minions. They hold a treasured place for immediate occupancy in the modern world.

Gather Together? Historically, Christmas featured fireside ghost stories. To help revive this tradition, here is a brief reading by the author from The Goopy Ghost at Christmas.

Winter? Frigid temperatures and long nights are perfect to gather together. Folks won't get goosebumps or act afraid of Christmas Goopy. However, the dog may be a better performer than the reader.


Ghost Storytelling:

This is a brief reading from The Goopy Ghost at Christmas by V. R. Duin

Goopy wandered down a hall
that was dark, plain, and dreary,
so, the ghost began adding things
to make it bright and cheery.

Lilly watched from her bed as
that orange ghost used its goo
to paste ornaments on the wall
so they stuck like with glue!

Back and forth went Goopy
admiring its new art,
with dancing and gliding steps
that showed a happy heart.

“These are some of the miracles of Christmas seen through a child and a wee ghost. There also is a dog in the story. Goopy hugs everyone.”