The Goopy Ghost at Thanksgiving does not just have ghostly ideas, he helps out as displayed at 40% of viewport width.
Thanksgiving 2021 by Terry Verduin


Goopy saw the water rising
and thought, I should be enterprising.
I'll do my best to help my host.
Oh yes, Goopy is a kindly ghost.
(The Goopy Ghost at Thanksgiving)

Double Thanksgiving celebrations and more haunts are better than one, so create more haunts.

Between the Covers

A Thanksgiving storm threatens to run the Browns from their home. They rush to harvest a giant pumpkin for Thanksgiving pies. Hurrying through the mud, a mule falls and their prized pumpkin is smashed. Goopy emerges and follows the family home. Flood waters dampen moods at the first feast. As waters continue to rise, Goopy calms the children with many a ghostly antic. The hijinks heighten when the storm floats the house to a new spot. At the second Thanksgiving meal, Goopy is guest of honor.

More Haunts Are Better than One

Making an Entrance? Thanksgiving is an annual national holiday in celebration of the harvest and other blessings of the past year. It results from productive teamwork and is celebrated with a group meal.

All the Frills? Celebrants pay real money for food and drinks. A full table is set for this occasion in the United States, Canada and other territories. Participants often celebrate at more than one location.

Mirror Image? Splitting time is not ghastly. It is not redundant. It a common expectation. Innovative perspectives thrive with collaboration and diversity. Claustrophobic isolation may be harmful and unhealthy.

Create More Haunts

Endomorphin Ride? Ghosts may invite themselves as surprise party guests. They contribute entertainment, fulfill purposes, build subject strengths and meet attendance goals. Someone else may fail to arrive.

Parties Needs Kings. They make people believe they are part of something big. People want to be a part of big celebration trends with brilliant structures and innovations against which to reflect.

Kings Need Kingdoms. There are no kings without kingdoms to give context to them. Goopy Ghost captures aware thought. Trending individuals and occasions benefit from spirited guiding voices.

Hooked or Free Spirits

Popularity Games? Privacy, safety and societal pressures also threaten communities. Ghosts arrive on the scene with other-worldly concepts and possibilities. The Goopy Ghost thrives on collaboration.

Selfless? Thanksgiving guests adhere to the thought leadership of the hosts. To accomplish this requires collaboration between participants. To keep everyone happy, clear rules often are set for time and place.

Says it All? Ghosts are not in business to make money. They place no “pay-to-play” ceilings on growth. They may disappear when they sense activities are contrary to their responsible social motives.

Falling Out of Favor

Secret? Goopy has no need to go into death-defying hiding, stay on the run or escape vengeful readers. The die-hard horror experience, grim immersion, creepy thrill or dark freak-out is not on his “ghost-ship”.

Goopy encourages adults to combine efforts with children. Devoting time to gain practice in the pursuit of creative outlets helps everyone achieve excellence with new games, ideas or inventions.

Awareness and participation are keys to success. In celebration of social responsibility, this often-homeless ghost carries daily celebration and socially-responsible behavior to the far ends of the earth.

The Future of Everything

Children drive many rebellions. They are learning new things and using their knowledge to shatter dark, painful aspects that have troubled society for ages. They dedicate their time to meaningful change.

Children want to know how to do things. With moving content, Goopy challenges kids to learn things needed to achieve their goals. By encouraging thinking, problem solving and creativity grow.

Talented, imaginative kids find inspiration in Goopy. He encourages children to take on challenges. Insights from this creative, phantom thinker awaken the desire to push forward for triumph.

Heads Up

Winning is a hallmark of success. Tweet or post winning ideas of the children in your lives. Their brilliant content can give birth to action figures in books, videos and games. Inventiveness should be celebrated.

Challenges test early creativity. Talented children may move on to develop a concept that rises to the highest levels of success. Children need to continue learning and practicing to reach their goals.

A child can produce popular action themes. Kids readily develop tech skills to train for creative crafts that capture and demonstrate the essence and notions of their energetic souls.

No Age Limits

The youngest of fans can step up to challenges. Adults can record and enter youngsters' ghost hunting and ghost busting activities into social media posts and tweets for everyone to appreciate.

The world is ready for new talents and ideas. Goopy's friends proudly display story lines and artwork for pending titles on his social media pages and on those of their delighted family members.

Goopy is proud of productions inspired by his work. This goopy, droopy ghost wants kids to build creativity. A whirlwind of accomplishment opens many doors to victory. One success can lead to others.

Video Sample:

The following Goop on Fire video is born of challenge. The action takes place during a visit by Goopy's Save Halloween co-star. Celestial Super Emily once again teams up with the Goopy Ghost.

They keep a town from going up in flames. The town is in a drought. Accept the invitation to come up with solutions to common problems. Have safe fun along the way. (1 minute 24 seconds)

Many Goopy returns involve Super Emily. They fight graffiti in Fighting Paint with Goop. Concepts for future videos include errant dog walkers, tricky garbage maneuvers and blinding headlight glare.

Goop on Fire

Transcript Particulars:

“Super Emily visits Earth,
From a star called Geminus.
The Goopy Ghost calls her to help us.”

Goopy Ghost: The town has a problem
with Campfires
during the dry season.

Super Emily: We can solve it.

Camp in Town Square
Next Saturday
Pitch your tent
Potluck dinner
Live Music
Ghost Stories

Goopy Ghost: While you tell the ghost stories,
I'll be the fire.

Super Emily: Scream when you see the Goopy Ghost,
making believe he scares you most.

“It's time for a warning:
For illegal burning,
we are not returning.
Prevention is our thing.”