The Goopy Ghost at Christmas
February 2018 by V. R. Duin


The orange ghost was friendly
And smiled at Santa's elf,
But the elf was very scared
And ran to save himself.
(“The Goopy Ghost at Christmas”)

The Goopy Ghost shows how ghost busting with children may help a ghost detector find ghostly pumpkin goop and learn to bust good ghosts like the best of ghostbusters.

The Goopy Ghost of ghostly pumpkin goop is on the roam to find a new pumpkin home that isn't squashed, carved, baked or on fire. Each book in the Goopy Ghost collection delivers holiday fun, tells ghost stories and provides storied information to inspire fun ghost busting with children. The creative freedom of collaboration and remixing ideas is rewarding. Goopy shows a fun way for children and adults to bust ghosts. There is nothing negative about this fun-loving spirit. There is no need to resort to black magic, voodoo, hoodoo or sorcery from the occult. Moreover, ghostbusters of this goopy, droopy, orange ghost should not feel endangered by the magic of Goopy's spirited entertainment. Fun ghost busting with children may aid in the development of flexible inquiry and critical thinking skills. To learn to bust good ghosts is sure to be a fun accomplishment for everyone. Successful people produce things that previously were not seen by others.

In each of Goopy Ghost's stories, it becomes quite clear that children can learn to bust good ghosts with greater ease than the adults in their fanciful and inventive lives. Children may use whimsy and enchantment to rise above the routine and to understand their world. The unknown may be a better teacher than the known. It keeps children exploring and testing. Children also enjoy the tales of fantasy about this spirited orange ghost from the pumpkin. Ghosts capture young imaginations. Children seem to take pleasure in things that are goopy, ghostly, festive and wildly fun. Ghosts promote thinking and may help children understand the magic of life itself. Fun ghost busting with children is likely to encourage them to notice and ponder new things. The Goopy Ghost of ghostly pumpkin goop is be a unique and imaginative learning experience for ghost detectors of all ages. Adults can scare up memorable fun with youngsters as they learn to bust good ghosts together.

It is anticipated that any fears of the Goopy Ghost will be debunked during initial inspections, consultations, readings and efforts at fun ghost busting with children. Goopy books, articles, posts, tweets and videos are full of tips and clues for ghostbusters who want to learn to bust good ghosts. The magic of ghosts may help children understand miracles of reality. Goopy is made of gooey and wonderfully ghostly pumpkin goop. From the very first “Boo!”, this goopy, ghostly pumpkin ghost offers an absolutely unforgettable first lesson in how to bust ghosts and how to face fears. Every ghost detector, who ventures into fun ghost busting with children, is sure to sing the praises of the darkest and most delightful aspects of the Goopy Ghost. Goopy Ghost may help children separate truth from falsehood as they develop perceptions of our enchanting world.

The Goopy Ghost of ghostly pumpkin goop fame may not be the only ghost lurking in the realm of ghost busting with children. However, ghost detectors who want to learn to bust good ghosts with children, should keep in mind that scary spirits may not be appropriate lesson material. Nobody benefits when imagination leads to deceit, evil, vengeance and terror. The Goopy Ghost is welcoming to children and adults. Ghost busting rituals may rid people, places and things of negative, demonic spirits that are unwanted and uninvited guests. Whereas bad spirits may seek a weak spot through which to attach themselves, the Goopy Ghost tries to add strength and celebration to the exercise of free will and creativity. Goopy Ghost books, videos and the articles on this website are pure fun. Moreover, fun ghost busting with children may add insight and information about the struggles between good and bad.

Growing up is a difficult process. A person, home, business or object, in which the presence of an evil being is felt, may seem possessed. There may be times when ghostbusters and ghost detectors should not bust ghosts on their own. It is important to recognize when other service providers may be required. The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomenon,, does systematic research into common causes of paranormal reports. Get tips from learned experts. This charitable organization offers classic cases and research results that may help others recognize and eliminate the common causes of paranormal reports. Rigorous studies of ghost hauntings, ghost sightings and witness testimony, among other phenomena generally prove that misperception, near sleep experiences and peripheral vision effects are the cause. Adventurers in fun ghost busting with children and the Goopy Ghost only report ghostly pumpkin goop among their findings. Reliable witnesses of Goopy Ghost stories, videos and website articles learn to bust good ghosts. Children and adults welcome ghosts that are wholesome and kind.

For fun ghost busting with children, safe practices must be followed. Many of those who pretend to be psychics, accredited investigators, reliable witnesses and regular ghost detectors or ghost busters require further questioning. What equipment do they use? Has it been scientifically proven to be effective? How broad is their experience and training? Do they use systematic approaches to their evaluations of photos, orbs, sounds and other paranormal evidence and effects. Did they learn to bust good ghosts? Ghost busters must be wary of false actors, false psychics and false teachers. These bad souls may be putting on a show to gain influence and set the stage for abuse of power in a cult-like manner. Conjuring up or exorcising imaginary ghosts made of ghostly pumpkin goop may help children uncover and escape hidden dangers in the real world. Fantasy could help children develop the inventiveness needed to fuel advances in industry and science. Children who learn to bust good ghosts with Goopy may develop greater understandings of cultural differences, mental illness, a bad day or a bad personal experience. The Goopy Ghost books, videos and articles are free of evil demons and other bad spirits.

Fun ghost busting with children may help adults expand their networks. A concerned ghost detector or parent may call upon a spiritual leader or a psychic to communicate with spirits, cast out the evil and cure the effects of a bad experience. To bust ghosts, the medium does not have to be a pastor, priest or other enlightened and highly evolved spiritual being. Ghosts typically are not bad spirits. Prayer may be the best tool for casting off demons. In most instances, to not anger any evil spirits, ghost busting should be done by someone who is trustworthy, mindful and skilled. Special care is not required to bust the Goopy Ghost. This ghost is made of naturally occurring ghostly pumpkin goop that does not emit any bad energy. To the contrary, pumpkin goop carries seeds that give rise to new growth and a soothing sense of wonder and excitement. Children who learn to bust good ghosts with Goopy are sure to discover the good science behind pumpkin goop and the seeds within it.

Ghostbusters should find it easy to learn to bust good ghosts with the wee orange spirit made of goopy, droopy, ghostly pumpkin goop. Setting out some sweet treats, then pretending to fall asleep may beckon the mysteries and hijinks of this friendly ghost. When Goopy discovers a comfortable, new haunt, this ghost may stay and stay and stay. The presence of this ghost reminds children and adults to celebrate each day with awe and amazement. Let it be known that Goopy is wary of unattended fires and cold, drenching rains. Fortunately, these unpleasant conditions are not likely to be present during fun ghost busting with children. Should the Goopy Ghost leave a cozy, welcoming haunt, children are sure to invite this delightfully sticky, icky, goopy, ghostly pumpkin goop of a spirit to return. In the unexplained, there is hope for miracle and solution. Today's science may prove antiquated with surprising discoveries scared up by fun ghost busting with children.

Goopy's ghostbusters quickly discover that the spirit of a pumpkin returns to its brightly lit home. Like other sweet treats, the pumpkin is firmly attached to many holidays. The Goopy Ghost believes the sweetness of each holiday should be relived throughout the year. This ghost can eat its weight in chocolates and sweets. The Goopy Ghost also has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. What is the secret to busting The Goopy Ghost? Those who learn the best way to bust this ghost, should keep it to themselves. The Goopy Ghost thanks all good ghostbusters by leaving behind a reassuring goopy, ghostly pumpkin goop trail. Adults who venture into fun ghost busting with children should look for pumpkin goop on clothing, household items, walls and floors. It easily rinses away, but the Goopy Ghost may return. This ghost visits and revisits welcoming homes, giving friends new chances to strengthen relationships as they learn to bust good ghosts together.

A ghost detector who connects with the engaging orange spirit known for its goopy, ghostly pumpkin goop, should press forward. New ghost detectors are invited to come forth and learn to bust good ghosts with the Goopy Ghost. More than one ghost may occupy a place. These enchanting spirits may have an important message to communicate to those left behind. The Goopy Ghost is on a mission to scare up bonding energy. There can be no better instructor for fun ghost busting with children than this pumpkin ghost. Become the best of ghostbusters and meet other fun ghosts. Learn to bust ghosts with this wee orange spirit of goopy, ghostly pumpkin goop. Ghosts discovered along the way may help ghost detectors understand spiritual evolution. The pumpkin's spirit hopes to get lighthearted laughs from fun ghost busting with children. Ghosts may be the first to arrive and the last to leave a good story hall. Different detectors of the same ghosts may have different experiences. There should be fun in sharing and comparing these stories with others.

According to, a recent Harris poll reveals that 42 percent of Americans believe in ghosts. The Goopy Ghost of ghostly pumpkin goop wants everyone to believe in the fun delivered by good ghosts. After some ghosts appear in their bedrooms at night, children may have difficulty going to bed. Fun ghost busting with children may teach coping skills in the face of distress. Because ghosts have no easy explanation, they encourage perseverance. Fright should not be a problem with the Goopy Ghost. Most children gain confidence from adventures with Goopy. This good, safe, fun ghost teaches everyone to learn to bust good ghosts. No protection or limits should be required for visits with friendly, welcoming spirits. Goopy is friendly. A ghost detector may use Goopy books, articles, posts, tweets and videos to calm fears of ghosts and foster creativity. Goopy's ghost busting materials also should be fun for adults. Pumpkin goop can be made into fun treats and potions. There is fun in creating and discussing things that are surprising.

Children who learn to bust good ghosts with Goopy should feel no discomfort. Ghost busting with children should be healthy fun. Goopy offers potential cures for frightening ghosts or life-after-death communications. Kosher salt, personal items, religious objects, raw rice or holy water may clear the bad energy. Burning a sage smudge stick is said to promote wellbeing and bust ghosts. Undesirable spirits may respond to the spoken word. Simply asking an unwelcome spirit to leave may work. Formal ghost busting rituals may clear negative spirits from an area with the ceremonious use of prayers, chants, gestures, dances, icons, amulets, incense, candles, perfumes, musical instruments, special foods, drinks and potions. Ouija boards, crystal balls, pendulums, mirrors and séances also may be used in spectral communication efforts. The Goopy Ghost of ghostly pumpkin goop welcomes reports about fun ghost busting with children. Comments by friends, followers, readers and reviewers of Goopy's books, videos, website articles are welcome across his social media platforms.

It may be hard to learn to bust ghosts that consist of something other than ghostly pumpkin goop. Many phenomenon attributed to ghosts, ghost busting and the occult may be influenced by the unconscious mind. Called the ideomotor effect, this principle is behind automatic writing, divining rods, extrasensory perception, facilitated communication, hypnosis, lie detector tests, Ouija boards, pendulums and the like. Yes, no and maybe answers may be delivered by reflexive response. Humans are susceptible to soft evidence. Many of these practices and beliefs arose from spiritualism that largely has been debunked. The guidance may come from internal intuition or from subtle movement beyond the realm of the inquirer or facilitator's awareness. Rather than from external spiritual forces, these forms of channeling may be used to guide thoughts to paper or computer keyboards, to find water, to communicate with a non-verbal person or animal or to facilitate fact-finding or predictive efforts. Science may not support these techniques. Fun ghost busting with children is a creative experience on the edge of science.

The United States Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics discusses the practice, risk-taking, trial and error processes involved in Careers for Creative People. There may be no real science behind the successful rise of craft, artistic, literary, technology, video or film designs. The celebrated supernatural comedy, Ghostbusters, about a ghost busting business staged in New York City went from inconvenience to blockbuster. The Goopy Ghost intends to bring a garden variety of ghostly goop in full length film productions for children. Imagine the cleanup of Goopy goop in a neighborhood. Stress, frustration and negative feedback are common challenges to creative pursuits. Despite the unwelcoming inconvenience to neighbors of the fun ghost busting film antics, box office reception to Ghostbusters was surprisingly positive. This blockbuster film received outstanding reviews, awards and accolades. The original production gave rise to sequels and related products. Stories and animations about the Goopy Ghost of ghostly pumpkin goop also have sequels. Goopy wants everyone to believe it may pay for children to learn to bust good ghosts. Each skill contributes to a satisfying direction for real life.

There are five published titles in the Goopy Ghost busting collection to help children and adult ghost detectors find ghostly pumpkin goop. When the remaining four titles are added to the delightful mix, readers are sure to learn to bust good ghosts like the best of ghostbusters. Such creative pursuits help children build a solid foundation for future career opportunities in entrepreneurial, commercial, governmental and industrial fields. Dare to begin the quest for a satisfying life mission. Be sure to bring a camera. Ghost detectors and busters might want to record and enter their activities from adventures in fun ghost busting with children into The Goopy Action Video Challenge. Fun Goopy Ghost action videos provide ideas that young ghostbusters may use to scare up additional fun-loving ghost busting entertainment. There is content in Goopy Ghost books and across this website from which children can develop the skills needed to create their own brand of forever ghostly fun.

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    Folks hope to become a Ghost Detector and learn to bust good ghosts during The Hungry Ghost Festival, the most significant event of Hungry Ghost Month in China.

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