Elves bust Goopy at Christmas when he arrives at the North Pole stowed away in Santa's sack, displayed at 40% of viewport width.
February 2019 by V. R. Duin


The orange ghost was friendly
and smiled at Santa's elf,
but the elf was very scared
and ran to save himself.
(The Goopy Ghost at Christmas)

Learn to bust good ghosts with the Goopy Ghost of ghostly pumpkin goop for fun ghost busting with children. Solve the ghostbusters goop riddle of the day.

Bust Good Ghosts

Grass Roots? Ghostbusters feel no danger with Goopy's entertainment. There is no black magic, voodoo, hoodoo or sorcery from the occult with this fun-loving spirit of utopia. He projects trick-or-treating spirit all year round.

Basic Instinct? Children bust ghosts with greater ease than adults. In their fanciful, inventive lives, children use whimsy. The drudgery of drills stunts performance and growth. The unknown is more instructive than the known.

Silver Lining? Ghosts promote thinking and foster appreciation for the magic of life. They embolden children to notice and ponder wondrous things. Imaginative learning experiences are beneficial for all ghost detectors.

Round Trip? Setting out treats and pretending to fall asleep may attract Goopy. He may stay in a comfortable haunt. His unexplained mysteries and hijinks offer hope for miracle and solution during difficult moments.

Seeing Red? Goopy is frightened by unattended fires. He avoids eccentric shock and cold, drenching rains. Children invite this delightful, sticky spirit to come inside. Unpleasant conditions rarely interfere with indoor activities.

Style Awakening? Goopy has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. He can eat his weight in chocolates and sweets. Exact science is tricky and pushes boundaries. Inventors often keep discoveries secret for their own use.

Endless Possibilities? Quantum mechanics show the existence of massless particles traveling at near-light speed. They do not comport with particle acceleration, Newtonian physics or space-time understandings.

Higgs Boson? This newly-discovered accelerator, also called the “God particle”, helps give mass to all elementary particles with mass, such as electrons and protons. Undiscovered particles may interact with our world.

Holding Forth? Goopy busters should not keep their findings to themselves. He visits and revisits, giving occasions to strengthen relationships while discovering new things. Sharing strengthens trust and promotes prosperity.

Wide Angle? Ghost busting is more exciting when everyone participates. Enchanting sprites carry important messages of unity. Nobody should be left behind. Sharing investigative experiences and reports builds confidence.

Ghostly Pumpkin Goop

In Full Bloom? Children don't need to be born on Halloween to sing the praises of ghostly pumpkin goop delights. From his first “Boo!”, Goopy offers unforgettable artistic possibilities. The thrills don't stop on his birthday.

Cleaning Up? Special sanitation is unnecessary. Ghostly goop of the vine is as utilitarian as ghostbusters goop. Nobody hurries to clear rooms of this toy-like substance. Goopy goo is spectacularly messy, but full of vintage vibes.

Luminaries? Ghosts capture imaginations. Children enjoy making up tales of fantasy about the orange essence of jack-o-lanterns. Goopy is a positive, animating, festive, sportive, resourceful and wildly fun pumpkin ghost.

Red Alert? Some scary entities are not child-friendly lesson material. Goopy leads young imagination from the Spirit Possession of evil and terror. Clean-up tasks continue after game's end. Clean is the unparalleled right answer.

View Finder? After darkness overtakes bedrooms, children may have trouble going to bed. Problems with no easy explanations encourage perseverance, fear busting and collaboration. Friendly ghost touches improve coping skills.

Jumping to Conclusions? Goopy encourages kids to explore abnormal data and to make attempts to recreate events and disprove preconceptions. The goal is to bust ghost-pseudoscience theories with real scientific evidence.

Lab Conditions? Paranormal ghosts, spirits and hauntings show little evidence about a wide variety of events. Put telekinesis, remote-viewing, spiritual-healing, spirit-communication or fortune-telling practices to test.

Telekinesis? Some folks claim this ability to move distant objects with mental or spiritual power rather than contact or another physical means. Are these magic tricks or is meditation, biofeedback or something else at work?

Remote Viewing The US and the USSR spent fortunes seeking impressions of distant or unseen targets for intelligence purposes. These experiments with extrasensory perception were criticized for lack of controls and repeatability.

Kid's Stuff? Sensitivity and cognitive function may decrease with age. Goopy helps kids focus on self-control to sharpen natural abilities. Socially-constrictive rules may deaden out-of-the-box thinking and wild imaginations.

Doubling Down? Replacing fear with strength overcomes struggles between good and bad. Rituals free people, places and things of unwelcome spirits. Problems fester in weakness. Natural science wields supernatural power.

Free Range? Special equipment is not required to bust pumpkin ghosts. No one is angered when effort is performed in a trustworthy, mindful and skilled manner. The ghostly goop from this natural plant holds positive energy.

Hot Property? Pumpkins harbor seeds of evolution and wonder. Kids cultivate valuable theory from seed-filled pulp. Today's science may prove antiquated with their discoveries. Ghost busting is an educational tradition.

Ghostbusters Goop

Hot Seat? Outside service providers are available. A notable example is ASSAP. Challenge ASSAP scientists with original findings. Accompany their experts as they do systematic research into novel paranormal reports.

Quit Early? Observed or experienced supernatural phenomenon is complex and environment-driven data. Research outcomes require rigorous control studies, re-testing and peer-body review and reevaluation.

Real Facts? Given the complexity of the human mind and the environment in which we interact, there exists no scientific evidence for the supernatural or paranormal. Once there is evidence, it can become natural scientific fact.

Inescapable? TAPS teams record extensive data of possible paranormal activity, then spend days analyzing it for evidence of ghosts. They have reported evidence of high residual energy at some haunted places.

Individualized? Phenomenal perception may vary from person-to-person observation. People only see what they are capable of seeing. Perception involves the objective reality and subjective forces behind all human thought.

Hoaxers? Videos can be fabrications. Stories may be less convincing; words are simple to string together. Skeptics should not accept professionalism at face value. Paranormal challenges may pay real money for discoveries.

Tool Kit? Here are questions for psychics, investigators, witnesses and detectors. What equipment do they use? Can it be made more effective? What experience and training do they have? Are their approaches systematic?

Quality Control? Questions help avert hidden dangers and lead to advances in industry and science. They aid understandings of differences, processes, possibilities, opportunities and experiences. Goopy raises unique questions.

Brilliant Ideas? Ghosts help separate truth from fiction in this enchanted world. Falsehoods get debunked. Inspections, consultations and motivating forces scare off troubles. Sensations sharpen acuity and guide direction.

Dogging? Dogs seem to have some ESP powers. Pet owners often claim their pets are good judges of character. Animals' behavior may signal a place is haunted or expose an paranormal investigation team for dismissal.

Hidden Assets? Experiences enlighten and fine-tune problem solving. Ghost-buster activity pushes adults and children to expand social networks. Goopy's presence serves as a reminder to celebrate each day with awe.

Beauty Awakens? Ghosts may aid spiritual evolution. They may be the first to arrive and the last to leave a story hall. Sightings produce different experiences to share and compare for a lifetime of insightful explorations.

Curves Ahead? Praiseworthy ghosts give firmness to purpose. Mistake, nightmarish experiences and vision problems are not constructive. Witnesses celebrate Goopy's high-minded works as incentive for entrepreneurship.

Riddle of the Day

Organic Matter? People are drawn to the ghostly world. There may be a fine line between the spiritual and the living. Life beckons Goopy from his roam to find a pumpkin home that isn't squashed, carved, baked or on fire.

Fine Focus? Spirituality, religion and the paranormal world may be closely related. Organizations of crowds, clubs and groups may improve individual and collective behaviors. This spirit wants to rally everyone into believing.

Sheer Luck? Ghosts harbor real intelligence. Yes, no and maybe answers delivered by reflexive response may border on science, but offer no direction. Ghostly freedoms and remixing ideas give clues for major riddles of the day.

Net Worth? Here are additional pointers for revolutionary wisdom and success. The U. S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor discusses practice, risk-taking and trial and error in an article about Careers for Creative People.

It All Stacks Up? Stress, frustration and bad feedback can be proven wrong. Innovation starts with small ideas. Blockbuster films accumulate outstanding reviews and awards. These often give rise to sequels and related products.

Golden Hour? It is best to start early in quests for satisfying life missions. When the remaining four titles are added to the collection, readers can build stronger Goopy foundations. Strength comes with awareness and knowledge.

Starlet? Successful people find uniqueness that is not obvious to others. Fun ghost busting with children may serve to enhance flexible inquiry and analytical study skills. It is sure to be a pleasurable escape from routines.

Long View? Garden variety brings good harvests. Ghost detectors should record ghost busting activities for the Goopy Action Video Challenge. Learning comes with actions inspired by intelligent reading and thinking.