Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day
December 2018 by V. R. Duin


The ghost became bright, coin-sized rounds
Beneath which some rocks added pounds.
Some gold-colored spray
Improved their display.
Just wait 'til those thieves come around!
(“The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day”)

Find answers to questions, like can ghosts see themselves and what are signs of a ghost or of a ghost sighting, in this holiday book series for children, in the articles across this website and in the fun video on this page.

Are ghosts like reflections? Ghosts may seem faded and worn compared to mirror images. The orange holiday ghost adds bright spirit and a contemporary flair to hallowed traditions.

Memories of holiday traditions and friendly ghosts last. Ghosts are like holiday decorations. They may be hidden or bold. Businesses are built around them.

The ghost tourist sighting industry is huge. Hotels, homes and cemeteries want to turn non-believers into believers. Ghost walks, haunted home tours and ghost hunts are big business.

Are ghosts like the man in the moon? People have seen a smiling face in the dark areas on the full moon for ages. Ghost faces and bodies also may date way back. They generate talk about what makes things real.

There are songs about the man in the moon and Goopy. Nothing is toxic, hallucinogenic or spine chilling about these songs. People gain touch with reality while singing.

Are ghosts like shadows? Shadowy figures may become close friends or good influences. It is fun to play bend them, shape them, move them. Shadows can be safe places. They stay close.

Holidays and ghosts look different from culture-to-culture, place-to-place and time-to-time. Celebrations of ghosts, skeletons and the deceased may be unlike Halloween.

Holidays and ghost celebrations may feel overwhelming. How does one decide which “Obon Festival” to attend? “The Hungry Ghost Festival” fills a month of China's lunar calendar.

Are ghosts like comet tails? Comet tails are made of gas or dust. Goopy's books are unlikely to get dusty. Comets and dead or dying stars may be linked to life. Ghosts have features of the living.

Are ghosts like jet trails? Called “contrails“, these white trails may be seen day or night. Goopy and his goop trail also may be seen day or night.

Are ghosts like Santa? Santa comes when nobody is watching. Both are favorite holiday minion in many households. They try to help out. They have a treasured place in our world.

Can ghosts see themselves? Do ghosts fill places with twinkling lights to see better? Can ghosts hear themselves? Can ghosts feel themselves? Ask them. Conversation unites.

Can ghosts change clothes? Ghosts often wear sheets or clothing. A gentleman may tip his hat. A lady may curtsy and pull aside her skirt. Goopy changes accessories in each story.

Can ghosts change with the times? Did Goopy lived when no Christmas trees glowed inside homes. Ghosts may not understand change. Ghosts may let people to look back and from above.

Ghosts may be on a spiritual journey for honor. A ghost may give hints of past lives to be remembered and appreciated. Everyone should feel the magic of ghost holidays around the world.

It is important to look beyond everyday things and activities. Mystery build courage, knowledge, creativity and thinking skills. Forming opinions about whether or not characters are real helps separate reality from fantasy.

Ghosts generate talk. Goopy gets people talking about the real meaning of holidays. Not all holidays are times of solemnity and abstinence. Children may build new traditions around his pranks. They want him to stay.

Are ghost sightings common? Things, like gold suddenly jumping out of its pot, are not everyday events. The unusual may strengthen beliefs in the power of the supernatural over science.

Much about ghosts is unknown. Study leads to healthy understandings. As with presents under the Christmas tree, sometimes Goopy gives and sometimes he takes. Questions remain.

Can ghosts appear and disappear? Are their mysteries like the comings and goings of ghost trains and cars? Goopy creates some agreement about how he formed and why he comes and goes.

People usually find signs of a ghost after the fact. Things move overnight or while people are away. Goopy moves decorations, while children are supposed to be sleeping. Holidays and ghosts awaken people to changes.

Many spirited ghost holidays are fun celebrations. This is the case with Mexico's “Day of the Dead”. The Hindu “Vijayadashami” celebrates the victory of good over evil.

Holidays and ghosts may have unexplained powers. How does Goopy pass through pumpkin walls or fit within this goop-filled fruit? Each unexplainable sign of power raises new questions.

Ghost sightings may change the emotions and beliefs of those seeing them. Ghosts may carry information, news, warnings or ideas. Readers quickly learn Goopy is a pumpkin ghost.

Pranks may be from kids. When ghosts move through walls or move things around, they may be trying to help. The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day makes “gold” of goop.

Can ghosts be animals? What about the barking dog in “The Goopy Ghost at Christmas”? Was it real? Why did it bark? Did it cower before leaving? What would a cat do? What makes bells jingle?

Animal spirits may continue natural habits and trained duties. They may exhibit lifetime bonds. They may hang around to connect and help new residents, pets and guests.

What else could be out there? To see unexplained shadows from the corner of one's eye is an eerie phenomenon that may take on a life of its own. Is it a thing? Is it a person? Is it a ghost?

In Mirrors are Bad Neighbors, Goopy seems to see himself. The text is not from a Goopy Ghost story. Many of the illustrations are from his holiday book series for children.

The words are: “Mirror, mirror, can't you see? What you harbor can't be me. There is no time to whine and pout. I'll bet a dime it will grow out.” (33 seconds)


Holiday Book Series for Children

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    The Goopy Ghost teaches children to accept the signs of a friendly ghost sighting as encouragement to experiment with new holiday traditions.

  • holiday book series for children Goopy says:

    After reading this holiday book series for children, buying a different kind of treats might keep other ghosts away.

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      There's no need to find your pets and assure them ghost holidays are good celebrations, because they will know this to be true.