The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day
September 2017 by V. R. Duin


Our goopy ghost looked very hard
To find a wee leprechaun guard.
At last, through the trees,
The ghost heard a sneeze.
A leprechaun couldn't be far!
(“The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day”)

Fun scary ghost sounds, ghost noises and ghost sound effects make kids want to believe in ghosts and conjure up other imaginative friends.

Goopy's favorite fun scary ghost sound is the “OOO-OOO-OOO” repetition of the three “o” letters in the name Goopy Ghost. These repetitions can be pronounced like the “o” in Goopy or the “o” in Ghost. What fun would ghosts be, without fun scary ghost sounds? A place would not seem haunted without ghost sound effects. These ghostly sounds may sound like those made by animals, with barking, howling, shrieking, snorting or growling.

How would anyone know spirits are around without hearing such ghost sounds as chattering voices, hushing whispers, squeaking sneezes, rasping coughs or calls of distress to the listeners' names? Ghosts seem to know people by name. Doesn't everyone want to know who is making those forlorn calls, piercing whistles or wretched bursts of laughter? Sounds always have an origin. Would anyone believe in ghosts that make no fun scary ghost sounds?

What are those sounds of dripping or running water, where there is no water? Sounds have to originate from a source. Would anyone be able to relax with this watery ghost sound effect filling the room? Imagine the excitement of hearing such fun scary ghost noises as heavy footsteps overhead, and wondering who is making them. As they come closer and closer, will a ghost drop into a dark corner of the room? The suspense is so much fun. “OOO-OOO-OOO”!

How could someone hearing these ghost sounds, ghost sound effects and ghost noises fail to believe in ghosts? It's important to investigate when doors and cabinets slam closed by themselves, or when a persistent tapping echo is heard through the walls. Could these ghost noises mean the Goopy Ghost once again is raiding the kitchen? Worse! Could this bright orange spirit be happily redecorating the house? Ghosts do move things around, you know.

What music is playing? If the song is Goopy Ghost at Christmas by singer, songwriter Carlos Wilde, we should command this celebrated production be played over and over. Carlos Wilde was recognized as Entertainer of the Year 2017 in the Indie Artist Magazines Coalition Award.

Please direct good spirits to this talented artist's Other Productions. It is hoped music lovers will believe in ghosts and Support Carlos Wilde Productions. As his catchy ghost sound effects replay in our heads, let's thank Carlos Wilde for making Christmas special. We also can sing the lyrics along with him:

(Chorus: This ghost sheds pumpkin goop
Wherever it goes,
'Cause that's what it's made of
From its head to its toes.)

Santa emptied out his sack
And spread the nice, new toys
All around the Christmas tree
Such lucky girls and boys!
A brief break from work,
And Santa gathered up his sack
And up the chimney he went,
The goopy ghost on his back!
The subject quickly changed
For there was much work to do.
The elves assigned the good ghost
To a Christmas toy work crew.
But Goopy's goo peeled off
And made a mess on toys.
They would have to be replaced
For gifting to girls and boys.
If the bright orange ghost
Returns in Santa's sack
Would you let it stay
Or would you send it back?
Goopy Ghost at Christmas

Worthy of cautious investigation, however, is the source of someone breathing, when nobody else is in the area. Why are we hearing the pages of books or newspapers turning? All of our reading materials digital. Who is reading what? Is anybody reading? Is anybody there? Science and religion may influence some individuals to form opinions about whether or not to believe in ghosts. The Goopy Ghost wants everyone to believe in ghosts and the ghost sounds, ghost sound effects and ghost noises that accompany them.

Why is the doorbell ringing, and ringing? Who other than a ghost would keep beckoning someone to the door by repeatedly ringing the doorbell? Isn't there cause enough to believe in ghosts each time the door is answered and no visible physical presence is out there? Why is this sound activity happening at specific times, and particularly at night? With dogs barking and cats hissing, or otherwise reacting to these ghost sounds, isn't there proof that ghostly spirits are present? Noises don't happen by themselves.

When these fun scary ghost sounds also are getting attention from another ghost detector, can anyone ignore them? “NO-OOO-OOO-OOO”! Ghost sound effects are key to the experience. Everyone should love the ghost sound effects of ringing noises, including those in Carlos Wilde's “Goopy Ghost at Christmas”. Please celebrate the artists and the ghosts who are creating these catchy tunes, fun scary ghost sounds, ghost noises and ghost sound effects! Life would be boring without them.

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