The Goopy Ghost of Halloween
March 2018 by V. R. Duin


Eek! Oh! Ouch!
That goopy, ghostly goo
Held out its flaming hand
And blew and blew and blew.
(“The Goopy Ghost of Halloween”)

Ghostly feelings and goopy goo haunted home effects create fun haunted homes for children.

What child doesn't like to experience magical, spirit-filled, fun haunted homes for children? The Goopy Ghost is all about filling childhood with fun, ghostly feelings. Good ghosts, like Goopy, put passionate and spirit-filled ghostly feelings into the creation of magical, fun haunted homes for children and adults. Goopy leaves goopy goo haunted home effects in every home. What's not to love?

Doesn't every child want to awaken on Halloween to find a droopy, goopy ghost sleeping in the kitchen corner? This goopy, orange presence may help children retain the fun in Halloween for generations to come. Halloween is an endangered holiday in many places. Fortunately, good ghostly feelings also can be contagious. What child isn't anxiously awaiting to fling open the door when Goopy knocks for an evening filled with magical goopy goo haunted home effects?

Wouldn't it be terrible to go through life and feel nobody is noticing? Ghosts watch people. However, nobody on the Brown farm saw Goopy peering from behind a post in “The Goopy Ghost at Thanksgiving”. Sometimes, ghostly feelings and preferences allow ghosts to be felt or heard, but not seen. Haunted homes for children are places where ghosts can relax and have fun. Ghosts reside on many dimensions.

Ghostly feelings may be hurt by false interpretations and impersonations. Ghosts may appear to be filmy and fake, but their feelings are very real. Sound artifacts on digital recorders are common sources of error. Humans seek patterns and, subliminal messages and interpretations of sounds. Unlike speech that is obscene, libelous, or an incitement to lawlessness, some sounds can even mean something to the listener that is not intended by the source. Ghostly feelings may be hurt by these false interpretations.

This is not to say that ghosts do not appreciate the human difficulty in finding technology to detect a hiding ghost's presence. An opportunity to hide for a while can allow the Goopy Ghost the necessary time to create fun goopy goo haunted home effects as he builds haunted homes for children. It can take ghosts a while to become familiar with each new haunt and the people and pets living there. Sometimes, the background work is best accomplished while undetected.

Science, pseudoscience and physical presence versus psychological consequence may lead to difference of opinion about ghosts and ghostly feelings. Compelling lessons are found in the Judas Priest Trial: Scientific Consensus and Expert Testimony. This in no way means that ghosts are “psycho”, in the sense or with the symptoms of psychopath. Quite to the contrary, ghosts feel empathy and guilt. Sometimes ghosts return to apologize for grief delivered in a past life. Ghosts also can form deep attachments with others in their current dimension. Ghosts are not at all antisocial.

It took a while to discover the atom as the basic component of ordinary matter. Delays in identifying the “building block” of ghostly energy should not stop “real world” researchers. A lack of evidence about ghostly feelings is not the same thing as error, hoax or misperception. Goopy goo haunted home effects from fun haunted homes for children present an opportunity to begin investigations anew. Individuals who are perceptive, receptive and open-minded tend to perform well among people, too.

Ghosts truly are interested in people. Ghosts stand a little close to you, but you may miss the allure of our ghostly feelings when we disappear. If you think you are falling behind, you are not alone. Since it is hard to keep up with you, ghosts are often behind you. Ghosts would like to move with the flow, but ghostly conditions do not always accommodate ghostly wishes. Ghosts have no narcissistic tendencies. Ghosts often remain behind to show appreciation and to give thanks to someone in their past lives.

An inability to control form slows ghosts' action. Imagine being disguised as a pot of gold to catch some thieves on St. Patrick's Day. How fast would you move? Rather than controlled migrations, ghosts hang back and haunt places. Goopy creates fun haunted homes for children. Appreciating ghosts and their ghostly feelings requires imagination and patience. It also can take a while to clean up goopy goo haunted home effects. The tasks left behind by ghosts can help children build self-discipline.

Ghosts may reach out to get attention that may be helpful to someone. They also may be trying to get needs met, particularly the needs of others. The thieves of goopy “fool's gold” did not seem happy to discover Goopy Ghost's St. Patrick's Day disguise. It was used to recover the Leprechaun's lost gold. There are folks who actually invite the Goopy Ghost to create fun haunted homes for children with his goopy goo haunted home effects. These kind people recognize the good in ghosts and in their ghostly feelings.

Not every ghost wants to make the hair on the back of their hosts' necks stand on end. While some ghosts may feel like cobwebs and others may leave a cold breeze in passing, this pumpkin ghost leaves behind goopy, gooey fun haunted homes for children. As with people, ghostly feelings and effects differ among ghosts. Unfortunately, science has yet to discover the logic of ghostly energy. Goopy hopes to motivate young scientists to explore the close connections between psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy and ghostly feelings.

Not only do ghosts have different ghostly feelings, ghosts also react differently to frightening places than to fun places. This pumpkin ghost prefers goopy goo haunted home effects and happily creates them for children. Ghosts can detect when people are having thoughts that don't fit their personalities. Why else would the Goopy Ghost pitch in to create fun haunted homes for children and give cause for celebration, while making an occasion memorable?

Like angels, ghosts are all soul. Any bad ghosts must reside in a different realm from the Goopy Ghost. Of course, a bit of ghostly mischief is always fun. Ghosts feel no physical pain or sorrow. Ghosts celebrate all of life, forever. Children should be taught not to fear ghosts, and to respect all ghostly feelings. Goopy's wise and subtle morals inspire young ones in ways no one can expect.

The Goopy Ghost puts people, pets and all living beings above property in engaging books, humorous action videos and in fun haunted homes for children. All of Goopy Ghost's content is full of whimsy, joy, ghostly feelings and funny details. There is even a song about this bright orange goopy fun ghost among the award-winning productions of celebrated singer, songwriter Carlos Wilde. Ghostly feelings stir imaginations.

Ghostly feelings improve when people react to ghostly activities. To get noticed, the Goopy Ghost leaves behind a myriad of goopy goo haunted home effects in his fun haunted homes for children. Another attention-getting ghost tactic is the relocation or disappearance of objects. How else would Christmas ornaments move or children's Halloween candy disappear?

Sudden temperature drops may be felt when ghosts are toying with the environment. Santa's elves certainly were moved by a thawing ghost. Another haunted home effect is to make visitors to a home seem uncomfortable. How do you think children react when finding a goopy, droopy ghost in goodie bags that once were filled with candy? Trick-or-treat! Do you think thieves really enjoy paying a visit to a leprechaun to return the gold they stole? Ghosts try to provoke change. Life should never seem boring and routine.

Sometimes ghosts make noises, through which people cannot sleep well. The Goopy Ghost admits to keeping little Lilly awake while setting up Christmas art in the hallway outside her bedroom door. Perhaps, it was a good thing that Lilly's mother slept through Goopy's redecorating of their home. Sometimes ghosts let people experience events that cannot be explained. Goopy creates fun haunted homes for children with goopy goo haunted home effects that are of a very familiar pumpkin nature.

Questions about ghosts always remain. Was it the wrappers or was it the candy that changed Halloween forever? What is the point in creating goopy goo haunted home effects if nobody is aware of them? Goopy wants folks to react to ghostly feelings and party like each day's a holiday. He may invite other ghosts to join in the celebration! Whatever the occasion, goopy goo haunted home effects stoke moods. Fun haunted homes for children are perfect places to party!

Goopy Goo Haunted Homes

  • Ghostly Feelings admin says:

    Ghosts just try to amuse themselves, and escape ghostly feelings.

  • Haunted Homes for Children admin says:

    Goopy does not try to give you, your friends or your family nightmares with his haunted homes for children.

    • Goopy Goo Haunted Homesadmin says:

      The Goopy ghost leaves goopy goo haunted home effects behind so kids can continue having goopy fun long after he is gone.