October 2018 by V. R. Duin


The Goopy Challenge is sure to motivate kids to achieve success by developing the confidence needed to build the next popular action video or video game of Bge renown.

Blue Skies Ahead? Children need to know how to do things. Creating content for this Challenge enables kids to master language skills and digital media. Contemporary thinking, problem solving and creativity are formative.

View from the Top? Talented, imaginative kids find inspiration in Goopy. This high-spirited visionary gives children incentive to take on challenges. He pushes them forward against all odds to seize Bge triumph.

Breaking the Rules? Children drive modern rebellions. They acquire state-of-the-art skills and use fresh knowledge to shatter dark and painful discord enshrined in society. They make meaningful use of time to shift paradigms.

Ticket to Ride? Winning is a hallmark of Bge success. Tweet or post children's winning ideas. Their brilliant content can give birth to action figures in books, videos and games. Creativity deserves to be celebrated.

Sweet Spot? Challenges test early creativity. Talented children move on to champion concepts and contests rivaling Bge in excellence. Children crave opportunities to continue learning and practicing to reach their goals.

Inside Knowledge?. There is no reason why a child cannot produce action rivaling Bge popularity. Kids readily develop tech skills to train for artistic craft, capture concepts and display the brilliance of their souls.

Orange You Glad? The youngest of fans can get front and center with this challenge. They can record and enter their Ghost Hunting and Ghost Busting activities into social media posts and tweets for everyone to see.

Open Plan? The world welcomes innovative talents and ideas. Goopy's youngest friends proudly display their story lines and artwork for pending titles on his social media pages and on those of delighted family members.

Tough Love? Goopy is proud of productions inspired by his work. This unique ghost spurs kids to build creativity. A whirlwind of accomplishment opens successive doors to victory. Each win can show the way to others.

Bright Club? Goopy emboldens adults and children to combine efforts and devote time to the pursuit of creative outlets. Coaching speeds the track to notoriety and profit with pioneering games, ideas or inventions.

To Shift? Awareness and participation are keys to success. In celebration of fresh talent, Goopy invites friends and colleagues to engineer state-of-the-art innovations and solve contemporary problems. He will help promote them.

Word-Smithing Offerings? Add to your social media and put extra spirit into storybook time with kids. Child-friendly verses are included on every page of this website to spur creative talents to glow with rhyming fun!

All Covered? Scare up the spirit of celebration. As the following limerick sample shows, your passionate and wholehearted verses need not be about ghosts, holidays or pumpkins. Devote your energy to everyday fun.

Four-leaf clovers help out a bit.
Let's push forward rather than quit.
With green clover luck
and hard-driving pluck,
our work might become a big hit!

Watch-List: The Goop on Fire video is born of challenge. The action takes place during a visit by Super Emily to Earth from a star called Geminus. She teams up with the Goopy Ghost to keep a town from going up in flames.

Step by Step? Rise to the challenge. Accept the invitation to come up with satisfying solutions to common problems. Have safe fun along the way. A simple example follows. (1 minute 30 seconds)

Goop on Fire