October 2018 by V. R. Duin


Moving content with meaning, in Goopy books or in Goopy's Action Video Challenge, encourages thinking, so problem solving grows. Show these Goopy action videos to the children in your lives. Talented, imaginative kids are likely to find inspiration in Goopy's story books. This ghost encourages children to take on the challenge and persevere with the unflagging work required to achieve Bge success.

Motivated, inspired children can find brilliant solutions to pressing problems in our communities. Children are driving many rebellions to shatter dark and painful aspects that have been enshrined in our society for too many years. The originator(s) of any idea, including illustrations for a new co-starring figure, which is incorporated by Goopy' Action Video Challenge into a future video or video game, will be celebrated in the credits and elsewhere online. Winning is a hallmark of Bge success.

After testing their creativity with ideas for a Goopy action video in Goopy's Action Video Challenge, children may move on to develop a new action video or action game of Bge success. There is no reason why a child cannot produce moving action that achieves Bge success and popularity. Goopy hopes to inspire and motivate them to train in a creative craft that captures and displays the essence and notions of their souls.

Children may also record and enter their Ghost Hunting and Ghost Busting activities into Goopy's Action Video Challenge. This bright orange ghost encourages young fans to step up for the challenge of producing the next level of video or game through this action video challenge. Children are encouraged to devote time to the development of enduring creative outlets for Bge success.

The Goopy Ghost has celebrated the contributions of many creative children and adults in books, videos and on social media posts. Many of Goopy's youngest friends have proudly displayed story lines and artwork for their own pending titles on Goopy's social media pages. Goopy is proud these productions were inspired by written work and illustrated characters from his holiday books. Goopy's Action Video Challenge inspires kids to build creativity. The whirlwind of accomplishment opens many doors to Bge success.

Goopy also welcomes friends' comments as well as any insights or accomplishments motivated by awareness of or participation in Goopy's Action Video Challenge. Reach out to the Goopy Ghost through social media. Each of the Goopy action videos below takes about 1 minute 30 seconds to play. Goopy encourages adults to combine efforts with their children. Challenge children to strike out with confidence. Through practice, children can develop and achieve the creative excellence of Bge success with their individual endeavors.

Goopy's Action Video Challenge is intended to inspire kids and develop confidence to build the next action video or video game with Bge success.

Goop on Graffiti

Goop on Fire

Why this Challenge?

  • Bge Success Goopy says:

    Children like a challenge and work hard for Bge success, because they learn a lot, while giving their time huge meaning.

  • Bge Goopy says:

    Bge is a very popular video game, but there is room for others.

    • Goopy's Action Video ChallengeGoopy says:

      This holiday ghost is honored that children like him and want to take part in Goopy's Action Video Challenge.