The Goopy Ghost at Christmas
April 2018 by V. R. Duin


The orange ghost worked each day
To make the workshop bright
And bring the tiny elves some joy
While making toys at night.
(“The Goopy Ghost at Christmas”)

Success comes when creative individuals find a niche for the big screen in phantom ideas, not from investing in sleeping ghosts.

Fleeting, phantom ideas that come to us surreptitiously, then are well executed in a timely fashion, can change fortunes and lead to the big screen. In the case of the Goopy Ghost, the best performing ideas helped him find a niche in Web writing. Sleeping ghosts do not seek control of HTML and website management, or experiment with new and regularly changing content for SEO.

Quality content works better than advertising for most content producers. Creating content that will find a niche and earn online visibility takes time, not money. For anyone who can write, the creation of content comes naturally. Phantom ideas and control of content combine to create a better chance of reaching the big screen. Sleeping ghosts neither recognize subtle opportunity nor work to learn technology. Goopy does not want to be seen as a sleeping ghost.

Stagnant websites, without constantly updated content and format, quickly go dormant. Neither people nor search engines are attracted to these sleeping ghosts. One fortunate online success generally will lead to others en route to the big screen. Finding a niche may come with the pursuit of phantom ideas from audio or video productions, news media, social media posts, reading performances, book reviews or something entirely out of one's realm of influence. Goopy is trying everything.

The Goopy Ghost also is experimenting with available technology to audit website metrics in effort to find, analyze and fix website errors. It is hard to proof ghostly work. There are applications that can find most errors. However, finding a niche in surreptitious haunts is what ghosts do best, and enjoy the most. Successful experimentation with phantom ideas, many of which arise through the use of technology, can guide rising stars to the big screen. Good work is never done by sleeping ghosts.

Although the ingredients may be available all along, experimentation is required to effectively convert them from sleeping ghosts to professional, visible quality. To find a niche may require gradual testing over time, or it may happen suddenly and on the spot. These are the phantom ideas that haunt, impassion and keep folks awake at night. They also are the ideas that can lead to the big screen. Sometimes, success simply requires making the right connections.

Rarely does such opportunity come to sleeping ghosts who are doing nothing, but waiting. It takes a long time to become experts in a field and to gain an understanding of the market. It also takes a long time to perfect the use of technology used to approach to that market. Folks may have to try different phantom ideas in different ways and at different times, to find a niche that qualifies for the big screen. Fail, detect and repeat seems to be a perpetual loop, until something works.

Testing phantom ideas to find a niche, identify a strategy and learn the necessary technology for an industry can help creative individuals reach the big screen. Moreover, the wait and the effort no longer seem pointless and excruciating. Even sleeping ghosts have the essentials to develop an individual lifestyle to which others can relate and with which others can grow. Once they awaken to carefully develop and test content, finding a niche and identifying what works best for the journey to the big screen is possible.

Producing content online is an exciting way to expand visibility and build an authoritative high quality network, without having everything feel like work. This content can be far more productive and have more reach than comes from the cost of money spent on advertising. Once entrepreneurs find a niche through deliberate experimentation with technology and the pursuit of phantom ideas, they can move far above sleeping ghosts. Finding a niche can expedite the journey to the big screen, while providing an exciting time along the way.

Beyond Phantom Ideas

  • Find a Niche admin says:

    Finding a niche in Web writing evolved with Goopy's realization that one need not be a celebrity to get read online.

  • phantom ideas admin says:

    Phantom ideas can lead to the big screen, because they are new and exciting to mainstream.

    • sleeping ghostsadmin says:

      Sleeping ghosts do not bother to gain the skills, experiences and networks that can carry them to the big screen.