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April 2019 by V. R. Duin


The orange ghost worked each day
to make the workshop bright
and bring the tiny elves some joy
while making toys at night.
(The Goopy Ghost at Christmas)

Success comes when creative individuals find a niche for the big screen in phantom ideas, rather than from investing in sleeping ghosts.

Goopy is not asleep. Sleeping ghosts do not seek control of HTML for website design and management or experiment with SEO for content research, organization, planning and development to spread the word.

Quality content works better than advertising. To earn online visibility with creative content takes time, not money. For anyone who can write, creation may come naturally. Ghosts share the right stuff with select souls.

Phantom ideas can be mastered with conscious control. The combination of writing and technology improves a content creator's chance of recognizing opportunity and sticking with stimulative messages, not subliminal ones.

Fresh images and new ideas massage the picture. Stagnant websites, without constantly updated content, quickly go dormant. Neither people nor search engines are attracted to sleepers. Ghosts help keep folks “awoke”.

One online victory may lead to others. Goopy audio and video productions, news media, social media posts, reading performances, book reviews and creative suggestions push followers beyond the average realm of influence.

As trends change, it is important to reflect these changes. Change must be reflected in feedback and interaction on social media. Ghosts stimulate activity much like computers boost capacity for recall and analysis.

Repetitive failures can end with a win. Different ideas in different ways and at different times may reach the big screen. Fail, detect and repeat becomes a perpetual loop, until something works. Ghosts withstand time.

Experimentation is required to effectively combine ingredients. It takes time to become experts in a field and to gain understanding of the market. Ghosts practice with any sound, trick or device needed to build audiences.

Phantom ideas haunt, impassion and keep folks awake at night. Concentrations of thought may lead to a niche for the big screen. Success also requires making the right connections. This sounds easy, but it is hard.

It may help to think like a ghost. The Goopy Ghost prides himself on being thoughtful, useful and beneficial. Influencers make collective use of their time by deliberate actions with special people for news that spreads.

It is not necessary to have an OBE to spur action. Introduced by G. N. M. Tyrell in Apparitions, OBE is to see oneself with a second body. Thomas Edison induced this awakened mind state for inventiveness while asleep.

OBE bi-location and lucid-dream states lend drama to the mundane. Psychedelic hallucinations extend from paranormal to inspirational visions. Drugs, shocks, intense efforts and near death experiences may provoke them.

Ghosts deserve another life cycle. To convert sleeping ghosts to a professional, visible quality requires time. Commercial skills, perceptions and networks develop with longevity of effort and concentration of thought.

Best-performing ideas help find a niche. Fleeting, phantom ideas come surreptitiously. They can change fortunes and make positive contributions to society. Ghostwriting may help execute concepts in a timely fashion.

Meditation, hypnosis, trances and spiritual enlightenment are big business. The development of cosmic intelligence and astral projection skills through the mystic arts was behind the co-written blockbuster Dr. Strange.

Weird blends can have strange outcomes. Audiences often decipher messages of philosophy and cosmology into productions for which none were intended. The surreal and metaphysical can take on deeper meaning.

Ghosts have historic insights and background. Opportunity does not come with doing nothing, but waiting. Testing ideas, identifying strategies and adjusting at the forefront of trends are accomplished in gradual stages.

Cutting-edge, computer-generated effects evolve in mysterious fashion. Psychic powers may help discern what is artificial from what is real. There is no scientific method to measure out-of-brain levels of consciousness.

The IAC is a not-for-profit education and research center. IAC world focus on the science of consciousness uses scientific data in studies and practices to prove humans are far more than mere physical beings.

Ghosts deserve respect. They have the essentials to expose lifestyles to which individuals can relate and with which multitudes can grow and prosper. The perpetuity of delay and effort falls away at the zenith of glory.

A soul must awaken to whatever is evolving. To extend success requires awareness. Sleep cycles often repeat throughout the night, night after night. Cycles in the development of perfect concepts rarely are completed.

Producing content online does not have to feel laborious. It can be fun to take a peek at crowd-pulling competitors or to make a trip down memory lane. Analysis may reveal what caused once-effective content to take a dive.

Building content should feel ghostly, not ghastly. It may be impossible to measure costs spent to gain initial results. After a spell, online platforms may pick up speed and spirit fulfilling and exciting ideas to mainstream.