Is this ghost feeling the heat in The Goopy Ghost of Halloween displayed at 40% of viewport width?
Halloween 2021 by Terry Verduin


Eek! Oh! Ouch!
That goopy, ghostly goo
held out its flaming hand
and blew and blew and blew.
(The Goopy Ghost of Halloween)

Move over Santa Claus and Easter Bunny. Make way for Goopy Ghost to do away with tricks and scare up fun treats for kids' goodie bags to save Halloween.

Back Story

Kids sing the praises of the darkest and most delightful aspects of Halloween after they meet the Goopy Ghost. When Steven and Sally trace the lines of what can only be described as the fiercest of all pumpkin faces and have their father carve the expression, they never imagine that the goo they toss in the rubbish bin will return to haunt them. A goopy ghost, whose “Boo!” includes candy thieving, roams the house to find a new house — one that isn't on fire. Goopy might be willing to settle for a tent of treats.

Scare Up Fun Treats

Great Heights? Visions push folks to amazing discoveries. Change comes with eccentric whimsy and wild chance on far-fetched notions. Halloween is ready for change. Goopy is the perfect candidate to deliver it.

Bucket List? Goopy returns to atone for past grief delivered on Halloween. This ghost can show friendship and sincerity by delivering goodie bags filled with parent-approved gifts and treats to kids.

Beneath the Surface? Goopy can do for Halloween what Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are doing for other holidays. Goopy moves with the flow. Who says flimsy form can't accommodate bottle rockets?

Kids' Goodie Bags

Custom Content? Goopy may not feel at home in an empty goodie bag. His charm glows when he is in good company. This ghost has a wild side, but he gives children joy. They sense his kind and gentle nature.

Still Life? Not all spirits want to make someone's hair stand on end. Some have cobweb textures. Others leave cold breezes in passing. The pumpkin ghost leaves behind a trail of goo for lasting bliss.

Structured Environment? Goopy reminds parents goop is not poop. Pumpkin goop is zestful. So what if it takes a while to clear the residue from homes. Who would banish this amaze-ball source of merriment?

Bump in the Night

Everything Clicks? This last outdoor fling before extreme weather arrives is endangered. Places ban door-to-door, trick-or-treat “solicitation”. Goopy's delivery plan restores safety and importance to Halloween.

Misunderstanding? Some folks cast wicked meanings on Halloween. A few pumpkins get squashed. Silly tricks happen. Mischief is caused by people. Some of them dress up like ghosts. Goopy is a good ghost.

Dealer's Choice? The American Motion Picture Film Rating System would not rate wildly imaginative, goopy shenanigans as PG-13 or R, requiring parental caution, guidance and accompaniment.

Storied History

Honorable? Christians celebrated All Saints Day, or All Hallows Day on November 1st. It honored people who had gone to Heaven. Hallow means holy. This tradition evolved into Halloween social festivities.

Perpetual? Bonfires and costumes of Celtic heritage kindled the Halloween spirit. Ghost story thrills tug folks together, heightening closeness. Crying and screaming in terror are fine arts of the scream.

Color Guard? Step aside Casper the Friendly Ghost and Great Pumpkin. Nothing rowdy comes with Goopy's birth from goop to ghost. Pumpkins bring wild escapes and seed-filled haunts to Halloween life.

Halloween Born Again

Art of the Huddle? Halloween is a time of decorative creations, pumpkin patch runs and special photographs. Folks revel in sugar rushes, display splashy costumes and cavort in colorful haunted homes.

Boycotts? Smiling jack-o-lanterns teach little ones to recognize neighbors in the community as friendly forces. Those, who find fault in Halloween, should not overlook the benefits of neighborliness.

Chain Reaction? Tales of ghouls fill time between parties and neighborhood parades, generating buzz and magic for a holiday some folks love to hate. Participants come up with delightful workarounds.

Do Away with Tricks

Scary Time? Halloween suffered in the face of Covid-19 infections. Candy-delivery devices kept kids outside of buildings and away from other celebrants. Quarantining complicated treat distribution.

Pandemic Casualty? Safety concerns call for creativity. Drive-thru and virtual events or zip lines and chutes are not ideal ways to deliver gifts. Why not let a good ghost keep the Halloween spirit alive?

Soapbox? Blood and gore have not totally overtaken long-standing Halloween traditions or big screen sensations. Everyday invitations bring Goopy into homes for child-friendly content and spirited role play.

Halloween Belongs to Ghosts

Peak Form? Kind people appreciate whimsical playmates for children. Bobbing for apples and Pin the Tail on the Donkey are giving way to screen screams. Halloween needs a return to friendly ghosts.

In Perpetuity? Phantoms celebrate all of life. Children should be taught not to fear them. Goopy's wise morals inspire young ones. He is a polite and intuitive ghost with engaging ideas for better living.

Reverie Day? Goopy pulls folks together. Few readers engage with his stories while alone. It is fun to share in adventures with others. This ghost scares away loneliness and dispels fears of abandonment.

Ghosts Have Feelings

Hit Men? Sensitivities get crushed by outside, first impressions. When signs of ghosts give people goosebumps, ghostly dignity is shattered. Santa may get these vibes when kids cry and turn away from him.

It's a Cinch? Some ghosts are shy. They have to be coaxed from hiding. Timid sprites hang back to watch for a while. They are testing to learn if they will be considered welcome or upsetting guests.

Cruise without Worrying? It takes time to become familiar with haunts, people and pets. Hiding a while allows time for background work and study. Goopy goo haunted homes take planning to build.

Ghostly Vision

Hands of Time? The Goopy Ghost remains steadfast. Kids often change their minds about what they want to be for Halloween. Behind masks, adults can try out secret longings without giving themselves away.

Concrete Dreams? Questions about ghost sightings remain. Was it the wrappers or the candy that forever changed Halloween? What is the point in creating projects or putting forth visions if nobody notices them?

From the Same Cloth? Ghosts may wonder why people get stuck on patterns and interpretations. Developing science constantly changes opinions about what's good, bad, real and unreal.

Overcome Fears and Problems

Cut Above? Goopy puts friends in a good mood with his invitations to party like each day's a holiday. He may summon other ghosts to join in the revelry. His visits with children are soft variations to rowdiness.

Finest Hour? Life beckons Goopy from his roam to find a pumpkin home that isn't squashed, carved, baked or on fire. His journey is full of the whimsy, joy and funny details that appeal to kids and adults.

Palace Intrigue? Shadows hang back. An inability to control form slows ghostly actions. They have distinct talents. Goopy challenges eyes to travel quickly through story pages, Web articles and across video screens.

See for Yourself

Trick-or-Treat? Nobody should sleep through the following “Goopy Ghost of Halloween” video. His goopy goo haunted home effects stoke moods. The Goopy Ghost paints better pictures with communities of doers.

Shop Guy? Ghost times with children should be light-hearted moments of escape. Who isn't anxiously waiting to fling open the door when Goopy knocks to fill an enchanted evening with magical goop?

Paint the Town Red? Accept the invitation to Goopy's theatrical reboot of Halloween. Tell ghost stories. Consider his other-worldly ways to deliver treats to young celebrants.

A Goopy Halloween

Halloween Is prowling!

Let friends hear you boast! Become the next host of this fun pumpkin ghost. Accept the challenge to scare up safe and stress-free Halloween fun for kids and adults with ideas from Goopy Ghost.

Frock Out! A Double Thanksgiving treat is in store when Super Emily arrives. Is she scouting for Goopy? Meet this helpful celestial being with high-flying style in the above video.

Icebreaker sounds? In this Halloween video, winds blow, lions roar and wolves howl. Wail along as you play it out loud. Get attention from far and wide with “OOO” ghost sound effects.

Take Control of Halloween

Beyond the Pale? Transcript: The lions are roaring and the wolves are howling. I'd stay in bed snoring, but my stomach is growling. Today won't be boring: Halloween is PROWLING!

Out of the Shadows? The Goopy Ghost of Halloween story book for kids conjures up a ghost like none other. Let him take unwelcome tricks out of Halloween and leave welcome treats.

In the Picture? Cook up some pumpkin-based treats. Make goop-inspired crafts and decorations. Halloween should be ghostly. Take hints from the book and the video. (51 seconds)