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May 2019 by V. R. Duin


There, in the kitchen corner,
slept a goopy, droopy ghost
and their treats from Halloween
were sadly gone — almost!
(The Goopy Ghost of Halloween)

Adults who appreciate ghost visits, like those in The Conjuring or The Conjuring 2, may be pleased to learn how the thrill-seeking Goopy Ghost is scaring up fun for children with goop-filled haunts.

Who wants to read skimpy recaps? There are no spoilers to diminish the thrill of pumpkin-goop haunts. Children and adults want to experience the twists and turns of Goopy's spirited antics from beginning to end.

Goopy makes quick appearances and disappearances. Readers put on their ghost-detector caps to separate the real from the fantastical. Hypotheses and new insights evolve with each fast-paced reading and learning adventure.

Ghosts thrive without form or substance. Solid real-world winners must carry off bounty with intelligence. Brawn eventually fades. Ghosts augment abstract thinking skills for a lifetime of inquiry and problem-solving.

Temporary, fleeting and brief encounters have impact and worth. Sightings, scares and sensational haunts provide unforgettable lessons of priceless benefit. Ghosts present endless possibilities for thought analysis.

Ghosts are other-worldly and attention-getting. Without advertising or promotion, ghosts bring people together. The effort is minimal. Word-of-mouth communication spreads when someone sees, feels or hears a ghost.

Ghosts work for free. They focus on one real thing or special individual. The adrenaline rush in Goopy's tales are not blood-curdling like The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2. Kids wrap their heads around this ghost.

Property values improve when Goopy arrives. Goopy-goo is a distinguishing hallmark. Price reductions may accompany spine-tingling ghosts. There may be selling costs to clear the scenes left in their wake.

Some ghosts may limit the sale potential for homes or workplaces. delivered discount findings in their 2013 Haunted Housing Report: 62 Percent of Respondents Open to Purchasing a Haunted Home.

The presence of alarming ghosts may not be good for businesses. Access-control technologies, such as facial recognition or fingerprint scanners probably won't detect them. Security is not a concern with this good ghost.

Everyone loves to witness the events inside Goopy's haunts. It is not necessary to put up with sleepless, terror-filled nights. His dancing objects, funny noises and friendly sightings are pleasurable.

Haunts offer positive, affordable opportunities. Hosts made good money with ghastly visitors in The Conjuring or in The Conjuring 2, produced by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Imagine the possibilities for tomfoolery.

Use the rare Ghost Sighting. Possessed properties can earn admission fees or tour ticket sales. Owners can get rich making movies or building fancy escape room themes around the dream-like residents and their haunts.

Children invent exciting uses for pumpkin goop. Goopy's natural essence is safe. Nothing bad accompanies his visits. He teaches disciplined awareness for chores, teamwork and keeping on task. “OOO-OOO-YES!”

Ghosts look a lot like people. There seems to be a natural connection between departed souls and the living. Ghosts provide imaginary friendships, fill voids, complete longings and explain mysterious happenings in life.

Scare up strange images with smart phones. Use them to stir up thrilling fun among friends. Get everyone trying to make sense of something surfacing in a photo that does not belong there. Do eyes play tricks?

Try to capture fun sounds. Whose phone is ringing? Is a phone ringing, or is it wishful thinking? Some people hear sounds others do not. These may occur when nothing is present to make them. Can voices be internal?

What is that smell? Does everyone smell it? Can sensory experiences link present times to the past? What memories does it invoke? Can it be imitated? By what? By whom? Is anyone pinching their nose to block it?

Blindfolds may enhance the other senses. Experiment with the sense of touch, smell and hearing while not seeing. Can anyone identify the source of scents? Have fun with the observations, perceptions and opinions.

This spirit is not interested in scaring people. The Goopy Ghost scares up fun, independence, free associations and self-esteem. Goopy works for the greater good of his friends. His readers become sharp-witted intellectuals.

Who doesn't want join the most daring of adventures in cooperative living? There is nothing boring about sharing clever experiences. After children go to bed, adults can fire up scary stuff of spine-chilling haunts.